How Harvey Weinstein Used Gossip, AJBenza & Tabloid Head, Dylan Howard to Cover Up His Sexual Scandals

Dylan Howard (Editor of RadarOnline & The Enquirer), A.J Benza (gossip columnist) and The Weinstein Company published stories about Michael Jackson to blow smoke as cover up for stories about Harvey Weinstein-

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Excerpt from New York Times

Keeping the Media Close

Shortly after the news investigations of Mr. Weinstein’s alleged abuse were published, A. J. Benza, a former New York Daily News gossip columnist, received a two-word text from the producer: “Help me.”

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 2.35.06 PM

“Mr. Benza had been integral to the network of friendly journalists — gossip columnists, magazine writers, editors and authors — whom the producer relied on to promote his entertainment empire and sometimes punish rivals or deflect threats.

Over dinner in West Hollywood in late 2003 or early the next year, the men had discussed a plan to help Mr. Weinstein avoid embarrassment. While married to his first wife, he had become involved with someone else, Mr. Benza discovered. A clerk at a Los Angeles art studio where he commissioned a gift for Mr. Weinstein — a painting of a reimagined “Hollywood” sign reading “Harveywood” — volunteered to Mr. Benza that a friend, Georgina Chapman, was seeing the producer. Mr. Weinstein, who would later marry Ms. Chapman, was separated and wanted to keep the relationship confidential until he was divorced, according to his spokeswoman, Sallie Hofmeister.

Mr. Benza, then between jobs, had a suggestion. “I could supply your P.R. girls with a lot of gossip — a lot of stories — and if people come at them with the ‘Harvey’s having an affair story,’ they can barter,” Mr. Benza recalled telling Mr. Weinstein. “He said, ‘A. J., it’s got to be good stories,’ and I said, ‘Don’t you worry about it.’ Collecting a monthly retainer, Mr. Benza said, he reported items on Roger Clemens, Michael Jackson and others and sent them to Mr. Weinstein’s communications team, though he didn’t know whether they were used to trade away stories about the producer. Mr. Weinstein’s spokeswoman said the payments to Mr. Benza were for public relations work during Miramax’s dispute with Disney.

After 10 months, Mr. Weinstein said, “I think the coast is clear; I think we beat this thing,” according to Mr. Benza, who recently had a brief stint as a writer for American Media and also runs his own gossip podcast, “Fame Is a Bitch.”

Mr. Benza and Mr. Weinstein were exploiting a longstanding system of favor-trading between the press and the movie business. Gossip writers need a stream of insider scoops, industry beat reporters need exclusives on the next big deal and glossy magazines need celebrities who can drive newsstand sales. Mr. Weinstein, who wanted glowing coverage, could provide that and more.

The producer often held out business opportunities to those who covered him. He had book and movie deals with writers and editors at  Fox News, The New York Post, Premeire Magazin, Vanity Fair, Variety and elsewhere. In Mr. Benza’s case, a book contract came immediately after he left The Daily News. In interviews, several journalists who had business ties to him said the arrangements did not cause them to pull punches.

He had particularly strong ties to the tabloid giant American Media — owner of The Enquirer, Globe, OK!, Radar Online and others — with which he teamed up to pursue several media and production deals.”

~~ End of NYTimes excerpt —

AJ Benza – “He had book and movie deals with writers and editors […] In Mr. Benza’s case, a book contract  came immediately after he left The Daily News.”

It is reported that  Weinstein offered AJ Benza $20k MONTHLY –

In an interview posted on Grubstreet- AJ Benza stated:Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 2.58.25 PM

“I’d like to think those weren’t the stories we wrote.”

But Benza himself admits quite the opposite:

“Earlier this month, I heard AJ Benza, the host of the celebrity-scandal show “ Case Closed with AJ Benza” tell the podcast host Adam Carolla about his younger days as a gossip reporter in New York City. He hung out with celebrities until the wee hours of the morning, reported out sensational rumors, and constantly traded favors in order to get juicy tidbits for columns at Newsday and the New York Daily News. Most trades involved information he wanted about a particular person at a particular moment––and he would then owe his source a favor in the future.”

“traded favors in order to get juicy tidbits”

He goes on the Grubstreet interview to say –  “I dug for Michael Jackson material, in the 1990’s – I wanted to write interesting, factual stories to hold reader interest, not rumors or slurs. [..] Rumors and slurs reflect on the newspaper.”

Yet we can see clearly in AJ Benza’s -Daily News article “Michael Jackson & Acquaintance With Injustice”  – that rumors and slurs were part and parcel of AJ Benza style, and seemingly depending on who he befriended or unfriended.

“There is no price tag hanging from my sleeve, but there is most definitely a price to pay for my friendship.”

When Margaret Maldonado broke off her friendship with Benza in 1997, because of a caustic slur he used against Michael Jackson, he openly threatens Michael with “Ready, Aim Fire”


“Honest. When Margaret called me in tears, I offered to write a letter to whoever it is that answers the mail at Neverland. She declined. I offered to call. She declined. “I don’t even want them knowing that I’m your friend,” she said. That hurt. I understand it, but it hurts nonetheless. And it’s not just people like Margaret who say such stuff. But that kind of dis has a special sting when it falls from the lips of people I love people who know the blood in my heart is a lot thicker than the ink this paper is printed on. You know who your are, and don’t think for a minute that I don’t know my supply of enemies would double and my list of friends would halve the minute I lost this gig. With that, Michael Jackson should only know that his former sister-in-law’s once-tight friendship with me has saved his skin a number of times, in this column and on national TV. He should know that one phone call from Margaret, and the story used to die. While I’m at it, he should also know I’ve spent nights at the apartment he pays for, with his nephews by my side, and heard nothing but good things about him from their young, unlying mouths. With his army of supporters headed for the exits, Jackson should know he might have just disarmed some of his best soldiers. He’s a general out of control, with the media’s sights still set bullseye on his pretty little nose. And now, there is no more Margaret Maldonado to step in front of the bullet. I’m gonna miss you, baby. But Michael is gonna miss you more. Ready. Aim. Fire.”

Notice how he taunts Michael Jackson I’ve spent nights at the apartment he pays forbut the more telling part of the quote is “with his nephews by my side, and heard nothing but good things about him from their young unlying mouths” 

Michael’s nephews and Margaret only spoke glowingly of Michael Jackson and Benza believed them as they spoke from “unlying mouths” –  If his publishing “rumors and slurs” were based on his hurt feelings, then there is no integrity in his words.

Dylan Howard the purveyor of baseless filth at the helm of Radar Online exceeds the rancor of AJBenza by far- Some of the most heinous articles from Dylan Howard’s Radar Online were the ones published near the 7th Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death-  A commenter “OTW_” speaks for many in the Michael Jackson global fanbase.

To examine just how perverse this particular Radar Online article was, Raven Woods, author, educator and pop culture journalist, wrote a detailed Huffington Post article detailing and debunking it-  (Her twitter acct @emailRaven -please do follow)

Of course, most other media outlets didn’t redistribute or copy paste the Huffington Post article but rest assured they had copy pasted the Radar Online article ad nauseum-

It was Michael Jackson who said “Good news doesn’t sell”  It’s the baseless dirt that get regurgitated by Mainstream Media over and over, without any research or attempt to locate source information that is trustworthy.

“He had particularly strong ties to the tabloid giant American Media — owner of The Enquirer, Globe, OK!, Radar Online and others”

This revelation that Harvey Weinstein used Dylan Howard who had great influence on many Tabloid broadsheets, doesn’t surprise MJGlobal fanbase, as we have been shouting that these baseless stories needed to cease for YEARS.

More concrete evidence that Dylan Howard protects the sexual deviants in Hollywood is seen when Radar Online threatened  Terry Crews . Crews exposed Radar Online threatening email he received from them AFTER he came out with his claim that Adam Venit, a big Hollywood Agent, “mover and shaker”  sexually accosted him.

The 49-year-old actor made the accusation on Sunday.

“1 day after my @GMA interview, @radaronline threatened me w/ a false story abt me hiring 2 hookers at the 2015 Monte Carlo TV Festival,” Crews tweeted.

His tweet was in reference to his appearance on Good Morning America. He said the next day, he received an email from RadarOnline threatening to report he hired 2 prostitutes while on holiday with his wife in Monaco.

In a bit of an ironic twist and may give many in the Michael Jackson fanbase a deep sense of satisfaction, especially if proven true:

– Dylan Howard has just been recently accused of sexual harassment –

“The AP spoke with 12 former employees who knew about the investigation into Howard’s behavior, though not all were aware of every detail. Philip Deming, the outside investigator hired to examine complaints about Howard’s behavior, also confirmed to the AP that he completed a report.

Many of the former employees who described Howard’s behavior said they had decided to do so after the New Yorker and other news organizations published emails in recent weeks showing that Howard had worked with Harvey Weinstein to undermine allegations of sexual assault and harassment against the movie producer.”

From Huffington Post:

“Ex-employees told the AP that Howard forced female employees to watch or listen to recordings of celebrities having sex for no professional reason. They also claimed that Howard encouraged journalists to have sex with sources to get more information for their stories.

Maxine “Max” Page, a former senior editor at RadarOnline ― an AMI publication ― said Howard’s behavior was “completely unacceptable” and that she reported him to human resources on behalf of two female reporters. Page’s report prompted the company to hire an outside consultant to investigate Howard’s behavior.

Howard has also been accused of helping discredit women accusing film mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault, including actress Rose McGowan, The New Yorker reported in November.

Howard reportedly sent his own reporters to find information on McGowan. In one instance, according to The New Yorker, the reporter recorded an off-the-record conversation with one of McGowan’s exes and told Weinstein about the conversation.

AMI also runs the prominent celebrity tabloids Star Magazine and OK! Magazine.”

From Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — Gossip editor Dylan Howard faced sexual harassment accusations at another employer after leaving National Enquirer publisher American Media Inc. amid similar allegations 15 months earlier.

Documents obtained by The Associated Press showed former employees at gossip site Celebuzz said Howard asked female employees about their sex lives and once threw a sexual aid at another employee.

An April 2013 letter from an internal investigator said Howard violated Celebuzz’s sexual harassment policy. It did not specify what Howard did but described eight allegations against him.

AMI rehired Howard after he left Celebuzz.

Howard says of the allegations, “There is nothing here that has any truth to it.”

The AP previously reported that Howard was the subject of a 2012 investigation while at AMI. He called those allegations “baseless.”

And the deepest research is always done by Michael Jackson justice seekers and advocates for his truth- For those that love to read and follow great Twitter Threads check out the account @PhoenixLaNegra  as she quite deftly highlights even more bits and article regarding the gossip mongers trying to cover for Harvey Weinstein.


As they say “Karma is a Bitch”

Sources –

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3 Responses to How Harvey Weinstein Used Gossip, AJBenza & Tabloid Head, Dylan Howard to Cover Up His Sexual Scandals

  1. Excellent, comprehensive expose of people who are happy to ruin the lives of others to follow their own agendas. Dante invented a special level in hell for people like these… not that I want to be anyone’s judge and jury, but, just thinking of the kind of kharma they must be accruing makes me shudder.

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  3. Alice Voluntad says:

    Oprah Winfrey is Harvey’s biggest supporter, literally. She has truly shown her true colors with the Leaving Neverland MOCKUMENTARY. It was all a sham to keep Harvey Weinstein’s Documentary from becoming so blatantly damning. Oprah thinks her fans from the days of the past are still with her on her bandwagon. Little does she know that we have a regular size brain and actually use it. Oprah stooped lower than anyone ever could and for that, she’s lost her fan base. MJ loved and appreciated his fans, but Oprah is a big-time user and doesn’t even realize no one cares about her anymore. She’s all used up and look who she spent trying to save, a wicked and ruthless Harvey Weinstein. Like two peas in a pod – great pair and a perfect example of how having a big head just brings you down.

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